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Thread: USS Constitution Sets Sail Again for First Time in Over a Year

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    USS Constitution Sets Sail Again for First Time in Over a Year

    The USS Constitution launched from the Charlestown Navy Yard Friday morning, marking the first voyage for "Old Ironsides" since October 2019.
    The world's oldest commissioned warship left the dock at 10 a.m., accompanied by a 21-gun salute.

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    Wasnt that ship damaged in a hurricane a few years back?

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    Nah that was The Bounty. I was saddened to see it go. Back in the way early 70's, it was kept in a little man made harbor in St. Pete Florida on the Bay side. My friends and I used to snorkel and spear fish under it. I still remember our shock at seeing a propeller sticking out from under it! OMG! It's not the real Bounty! lol

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    Always wanted to see Old Ironsides. The closest I ever got was a tour through a couple of ships at the Maritime Museum in San Diego.
    Maybe a tad off topic, but if you guys get the chance, that's a great museum. A couple of submarines, a couple of sailing ships, and assorted other watercraft of varying sizes.

    But to walk the deck of The Constitution would not only a privilege, but a great honor as well.
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