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Thread: some thought i was wacky

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    some thought i was wacky

    WEll, for sure i'm a tad off center always have been, mostly since i don't believe bull shiat when its stuck to me shoe, as for the reloading side of life, several years ago i started laying in plenty of goods for that dry day, if you get the drift, between projectiles, powder, primers ect, only mistake i made was underestimate the primer debacle , whod' thought, if i had any inkling, wouldn't sold what i did sell, but glad i did help some out at the time.

    while i may be able to shoot a lot of what i have, trying to limit my burned power is not in my thinking, i'll always have a tad for that special thing, but if one does not keep vigilant, well now, might need lots more ammo.

    the age old adage of keep y er power dry oughta be'' use your powder wisely and often for the right SHIAT

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    I laid in a comfortable stock of reloading components after Clinton got elected the first time and we had our first ever primer shortage.

    Been preaching to friends to buy it cheap and stack it deep but a couple of them thought that 5,000 was a lifetime supply of primers....guess they were asleep in 3rd grade math class.

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