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Thread: I got one screwed up Private Messages;

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    Quote Originally Posted by knockonit View Post
    only the lonely, me no get them, cause i'm special.
    I guess we're both special. I didn't get one either.

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    I didnt get one either,
    but last night while cleaning out the BS register of users on here I deleted 10,700+
    so I changed the registration questions and procedures once again. Wish I can do that on my cel I get 10 calls a day from epople wanting to buy my house and 20 txts aday from the illegal lovers asking me how I voted and if I needed any help in who to pick.
    I dont give me number ever to stores but damn the spam is getting bad.

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    Oh yeah just checked so in the last 12 hours or so we had 0 new registrations, normally we get 200-500 perday all spam.

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