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Thread: Mil & Milsurp rifle shoot PRGC sun 22-Aug

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    Mil & Milsurp rifle shoot PRGC sun 22-Aug


    23-Aug! I couldn't edit the title.

    This coming sunday will be the PRGC "CMP Games Style Shoot"!

    This is a friendly club shoot following the CMP procedures for shooting any as-issued or accurized Military, Mil-surp, or mil-style rifle. Everything from Mausers to M1 to MSRs! All events at PRGC are open to all!

    All at 200yds. The target is a 12" circle on a 6 foot square cardboard so its not hard to hit! (well, the standing stage is kinda hard).

    There will be 2 back-to-back 35-shot shoots, so bring 70 or 80 rds and one or two rifles and 2 magazines or "clips". eye & ear protection. A carpet or shooting mat for the prone stage.

    The club now has electronic targets (more on that in a coming post) so you'll see your shots reported on a little tablet at your firing line!

    6:30 set up, 7AM sign up, 7:30 first shot, done by late morning.

    Post, IM or email questions.

    shoot good!

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