AZ shooters,

if you are interested in learning about High Power Rifle Competition, which we shoot at Rio Salado, PRGC, Ben Avery, Tucson and other ranges in AZ, the twice-a-year beginner's class at Rio Salado is Sunday 28-Apr. Here is the email they sent to RSSC members. You must sign up in advance.

I help coach this event! post email or PM questions.



PROGRAM: Offered Sunday, April 28th at Rio Salado Sportsman's Club in east Mesa, this one-day class introduces shooters to high power rifle competition and is one of the ways to be eligible to purchase Rifles from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP).

The program includes classroom instruction and a 35-shot match consisting of 5 sighting shots, 10 rounds prone slow-fire; 10 rounds prone rapid-fire; and 10 rounds standing slow-fire. Shooting is at 200-yards using iron sights, with students learning to scoring and to "pull" targets.

RIFLES, AMMO & EQUIPMENT: Club M1 Garand & AR-15 loaner rifles are available for students who need them. Ammunition (.30-06 and .223 cal.) may be purchased at a cost of $30 for 35 rounds (no other calibers sold). While Club ammunition is required for Club guns, students may bring their own rifle and ammunition, but NO tracer or armor piercing ammunition. Any of the following rifles may be used Garand, Springfield, and M1A, any as issued Military bolt action or AR15. All rifles must use iron sights. Students should plan to bring lunch and water, binoculars or spotting scopes, notepaper and pens. Long-sleeved pants and shirts, a ball-cap, shooting jacket or sweatshirt, glove for the non-trigger hand, and sun-screen are recommended. Safety glasses and ear protection are mandatory.

Contact Michael Kohrs Clinic Director at: