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    WEll time sure if flying, always thought when i got older it would slow down, not sure where that thinking came from, but now i know its not the real deal.

    and now with this scamdemic going on and on, and the powers to be probably going to fubar the whole system, might be time to re evaluate friends, and position in the world,
    while i do not think we will have the unrest that other communities have in regards to the bullshiat and i mean absolute bullshiat, trying to erase history, change America into what we fought centuries to not be, only to let academia do it for us. Public education has and never will be good for THE people. of course this is my opinion, but having four kids go thru the system years and years ago, and have to fight to ensure they got the proper education, albeit, not great, but did instill in them to do their best to improve their world around them, gave them the tools to get it done right, and they have, couldn't be more proud father than i am.

    I chat with many, discussing the great "reset" , and if it does happen, or even comes close the loss of many things will mar our great country, much like it did well over a hundred years ago, and create wounds that will take a multitude of lifetimes to heal, if ever, and if history repeats itself, that healing will again be stopped by nar do wells.
    The dissapointment at this time in my life is huge, having survived many idgits elected, violence beyond comprehension, that most think is hollywierd cool, believe me its not, and you really don't want this at your door step. The evil men do, is not something most would ever want to experience.
    The American way is it won't happen to me, well, look out your door, its down the street, and moving at an unprecedented pace, the horror is close

    best of luck to all,
    Rj living a nightmare in the upcoming years
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    Good morning, brother Ric.

    The vanguard is stirring. Think about the Gadsen flag for a minute. It has a rattlesnake on it. Most of us here have had some dealings with rattlesnakes.
    They're quiet. They don't go around rattling just to hear themselves rattle.
    But they will give a warning when you're too close. If you don't heed that warning, well, he'll teach you a lesson about heeding warnings.

    I still have some hope that this country is close to hearing a rattle.......
    Why is it that those that know the least, know it the loudest?
    Just as education is a poor substitute for intelligence, religion is a poor substitute for spirituality.
    Cum scuto, aut in scuto.

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    I'm in complete agreement with you RJ

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