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Thread: She's becoming a daily driver!

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    She's becoming a daily driver!

    I've been building and working on this thing for about a year now and it's finally getting completed.

    It's street legal and I drive it all over on and off road. This photo is from a wash that I was exploring down near Arivaca.

    This one is on an old mining trail in the same area.

    This one is on an old firebreak south of Three Points. The mountains in the background is where I was exploring old mining trails and camps.
    On the street, this thing is a terror! The engine is a hyped up little Ford V6 that sounds like a small block V8 because of the short pipes coming off the headers. It revs fast! I've already had to put a few pocket racers in their place! I love it!

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    That thing is pretty cool, I wanna get out soon now that the weather is cooling. still need to get a few minor items for the Jeep to take it off road(long jack maybe a winch). but its drives perfectly for a jeep.
    can you still buy thos old 5 gal jerry cans (the steel ones)

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    yip, sure can, and i may have one or two, have to get a look, but the spout may be missing.
    i'ma gonnamiss my jeeps, hope to get the crawler up and running before xmas so it can be someones xmas gift.
    still thinking i'll get an older grand cherokee , just so i can do mild shiat. crawling days are over, can't get out from under the dang thing after fixing like i used to
    good luck and good looking ride

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