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Thread: High Power Rifle Competition in Phoenix enters the 21st century!

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    High Power Rifle Competition in Phoenix enters the 21st century!


    If you remember or think of NRA/CMP style High Power rifle as a .30 caliber with iron sights shooting at paper targets mounted on manually marked target frames.... great! that's the way we've done it since 1907 or earlier.

    But things are changing!

    about 20 years ago the entire Service Rifle sport switched from the .308 M1A to the .223 AR-15! Now over 98% of competitors use ARs!

    About 4 years ago scopes were authorized by CMP and NRA for Service Rifle and within a year or two 99% of AR shooters have scopes on those ARs!

    At least we still shoot the 200yd, 300yd and 600yd distances!

    In just the last few years, electronic targets (e-target) have gotten to be affordable!

    The basic concept is there are microphones in each corner of the target frame which "hear" the sonic boom of the bullet just as it hits the target and by measuring the time the sound arrives at each microphone, the exact location where the bullet hit the target can be calculated. The current systems seem to have a impact location precision smaller than a bullet diameter. With a wireless link from the targets to the firing line (the systems even work out to at least 1000yds), the shooter views the shots on a tablet or even smart phone.

    Many local shooters have bought their own system in recent year, the two most common are:

    Its fine for practice to have some shooters on a silvermountain, some on a shotmarker and some shooting on manual targets. But to really run a match, even just a club level match, its best that all shooters are on the same target type, either all manual, or all the same make of e-target.

    Of the 3 central AZ ranges with a regular high power club shoot/match schedule, the High Power Division at Phoenix Rod & Gun Club, PRGC - , has acquired a complete set of ShotMarker targets & tablets for their ten firing points at 200, 300 and 500 yards. So staring this month, all our high power shoots (we have 3 per month) will be using e-targets!

    The other two ranges are Rio Salado/Usury Pass ( and Ben Avery ( & Its very common for more than half the Desert Sharpshooters participants at Ben Avery's 1000yd line set up their own electronic targets.

    If you would like to try shooting on electronic targets, make sure you have a good 200yd or 500yd zero, and come out to the CMP-style or the prone/F-class-style shoot at PRGC!

    At PRGC each month
    > First Saturday is our standard 80-shot NRA style three-distance, three position, two speed high power club shoot! 200-300-500 yds, Standing/Sitting/Prone, Slow fire/rapid fire. We often call this "Across the Course" or "XTC" and shoot modern "Service Rifles".
    > Second Saturday is a 60-shot 500yard prone-only club shoot. There is a separate division for shooters with bipods/sandbags called "F-class"
    > Fourth Sunday is two back to back CMP-style 30-shot Military Rifle (Old or Modern) club shoot. This is Prone and Standing, slow fire/rapid fire but all at 200 yards.

    All our shoots are open to all. I often recommend you come out and watch a shoot once and ask questions, see the equipemnt and course of fire. The CMP-style 200yd shoot is by far the most beginner-friendly, but if you have a scoped bolt action with a bipod, match ammo and a good public range zero, you can calculate your 500 yd zero and be on paper and shoot the 500 yd prone/F-class shoots.

    More info about the styles of shooting, ranges & schedules in AZ see:

    More info about CMP/NRA style High Power Rifle/Service Rifle competition:
    CMP style milsurp & modern military rifle:
    Mid Range & Long Range Prone/F-class:

    Shoot good!


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    Thanks Bill.
    Most informative.
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