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Thread: Gun Show At The Phoenix Fairgounds

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    Gun Show At The Phoenix Fairgounds

    January 18~19 2020.

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    Thanks for the info. Told the SIL about it, He wants to go he's pretty Jazzed about it. he comes every weekend from twenty nine palms to shoot and jack rabbit hunt and just hang out at the house. I guess the have a 72 hour free time this weekend due to MLK day and he said tomorrow they are suppose to be let off base very early.

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    Well Del, I guess we know what you're doing this weekend.

    Hope you guys find some good deals.
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    Naw I'm working, I'll go down to the show for a hour or so. and I have to run up north to meet someone.

    Cant wait till my Daughter gets to pendalton in mid feb. then he will be driving over there every weekend that way April Anthony and I will have no company.
    seriously I dont mind kinda nice to have him around he's a good kid and does his own thing usually hunting and shooting he loves it.

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