Phoenix AZ: NRA/CMP & precision Rifle Shoots In Oct 2019


Here are the NRA/CMP & precision style shooting events at PRGC, Rio Salado & Ben Avery for Sep 2019.

Always bring eye & ear protection and check the club calendar before heading to the range. All weekend shoots are open to everyone. Most shoot fees are $15.

In most shoots we take turns alternating shooting and working targets.

All of these are fun club-based shoots open to all, we call them matches or competitions and some of the best shooters in the country attend (and teach all you new folks!) These shoots are informal and don’t report scores to NRA unless noted, so come shoot with us!

October 2019

• 5-Oct, Sat, 6:30AM, CMP/NRA style Service & High Power Rifle 200/500yd - 80-shot at PRGC
• 6-Oct, Sun, 7:00AM, three 20 shot strings at 1000yds at BASF
• 12-Oct, Sat, 6:30AM, three 20 shot strings at 500yds at PRGC
• 12-Oct, Sat, AZLRPS Long Range Precision at
• 13-Oct, Sun, 7AM, 4-Peaks Tactical Precision Rifle at RSSC
• 19-20-Oct, AZ State Bullseye Pistol championships at PRGC
• 19-Oct, Sat, 7:30AM Beginner's High Power Rifle Clinic at RSSC
• 20-Oct, Sun, 6:30AM, CMP "games" style Vintage Sniper shoot at PRGC
• 20-Oct, Sun, 7:00AM, three 20 shot strings at 1000yds at BASF
• 20-Oct, Sun, 7:00AM, 120 shot NRA style smallbore (.22 LR) match at PRGC
• 26-27-Oct, 600yard AZ state championships at BASF
• 27-Oct, Sun, 6:30AM, CMP "games" style C&R/M1/Mauser/springfield 200yd two 30-shot shoots at PRGC

Service Rifle/High Power Rifle XTC - “Across the course”, a 3-distance, 3-position, 2-speed event

Conventional High Power Rifle, often called “National Match” or “Regional Match” or “Across the Course” (course of fire that is) or “XTC” consists of 88 shots.

• 200yd slow fire standing: 20-shots + 2 sighters in 22 minutes
• 200yd rapid fire sitting: two 10-shot strings, 1 minute each, + 2 sighters
• 300yd * rapid fire prone: two 10-shot strings, 70 seconds each, + 2 sighters
• 600yd ** slow fire prone: 20-shots + 2 sighters in 22 minutes

(Due to range limitations, Rio shoots the rapid prone stage at 200yds, both Rio and PRGC shoot the 600 yd stage at 500yds)

AR-15 is perfect for this, so is M1 or M1A. Bring 2 or more mags or clips. You should have a sling that you can wrap around your arm when shooting sitting and prone. Wear long sleeves and bring a mat or carpet to lie on prone. A spotting scope or binoculars to see the marked target and a pen to fill out your score card.

See for more info.

Here is a write up of our trip to Camp Perry this year:
A bunch of pictures:

I recommend you come watch a shoot or arrange for someone (like me) to coach you thru your first shoot.
We will be coaching a “development team” this year, to turn the entry-level Service Rifle Shooters into Master class to ensure we have plenty of strong shooters for Camp Perry next year!

Some other variants of Service Rifle:

CMP “Games” style As-issued – Military - Milsurp - M1 - C&R - Vintage Military Bolt Action

30-shots plus 5 sighters.

This is a very beginner-friendly reduced distance version of XTC. All shots at 200 yds, the target is 12” circle on a 6’ sheet of cardboard. Bring 60 or 80 or more shots, some shoots are 30 shots, some are 50-shots, plus sighters.

Standing and Prone stages (some shoots include Sitting), Stages include slow fire (1 carefully aimed shot per minute) or rapid fire (10 shots in 80-seconds). Bring 2 or more mags or clips. You should have a sling that you can wrap around your arm when shooting sitting and prone. Wear long sleeves and bring a mat or carpet to lie on prone. A spotting scope or binos to see the marked target and a pen to fill out your score card.

You can bring any modern military style rifle, AR’s are great. Or you can bring a milsurp. An M1 Garand, Mauser, Enfield, Springfield, Mosin, K31 etc.

If you want to learn how to shoot NRA/CMP high power these shoots are great for beginners. All shooting at 200 yds, no 300 or 500yd stages makes things easier.

500/600/1000 yd Prone and F-class

Three 20-shot strings plus sighter shots. The two clubs shoot 500 yards monthly. Desert Sharpshooters at Ben Avery shoots 1000yd regularly. Some shoots at Avery are 600yd and long-standing classic match is called the “Palma” match, this consists of a 15 shot string at each: 800, then 900 then 1000 yards, plus sighters.

In this match, we typically have 20 minutes to fire 20 shots for record, usually preceded by a few practice, or sighter shots. We do this 3 times, so bring 70 or 80 rounds.

Prone shooters use a shooting coat and sling and shoot or an “olympic” style match Rifle with very fancy aperture iron sights, or some competitors use the same AR-15, M1A or M1 Service rifle they use in XTC for the 500 & 600 yd matches.

F-class allows bipod or sandbags and a big scope. You still lie on your shooting mat but you don’t need the sling or coat. A heavy barreled Varmint rifle or tactical type bolt action or even an AR type will work just fine. (lightweight hunting rifles heat up too fast for a 20 shot string to be pleasant).

If you want to try this, zero your rifle at 200yds on a public range, then come up about 8moa. The target is 30” black on a 6’ square cardboard. You’ll be on paper and can correct with your sighter shots.

If you have a heavy barrel, are comfortable shooting at 100 or 200 yards and your scope has adjustment knobs, you can probably dive right in and shoot this game! Or come watch once first.

If you want to try 1000 yd at Avery, I strongly recommend you shoot a 500yd shoot at one of the clubs to get that zero, then use a ballistic table to find your 1000yd zero. The Long Range target is 44” black on a 6’ square cardboard. Get your shots on paper and can correct to the X-ring with your sighter shots.

Until you shoot a 500yd at the clubs, I’d recommend you come watch one of these Avery 1000yd shoots once first before you try it.

See for more info.

Tactical Long Range Precision

Probably the fastest growing shooting sport in this decade. Its sort of a “sniper rifle” shoot that emphasizes first shot hits under time constraints at non-standard distances on steel targets from bizarre and unconventional firing positions. Rio Salado calls theirs “4 peaks tactical” Cowtown calls is AZLRPS.

See for the shoots at Cowtown.

Bullseye Pistol
PRGC is the home of serious bullseye & international/Olympic pistol shooting in AZ.
50 yards slow fire and 25 yards timed fire (5 shots in 20 sec) and rapid fire (5 shots in 10 sec).
We shoot 3 strings of 90-shots (30 at each speed above) first using a .22 pistol, then any centerfire pistol, then a .45 pistol. All one handed.
Tuesday night 6PM we also run a single 90 shot match or 60 shot international.
The international/Olympic events include 50meter, 25meter, 10 meter.

Shoot good ya’ll!

Post, pm or email questions!