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Thread: Here is one I have never done before

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    Here is one I have never done before

    Have a fairly regular client who owns a restaurant/gunshop in .... I want to say Kentucky. I would have to check but the menu looks great and they sell guns!

    So he has bought for himself and I have sold to him for some of his customers who want something special.

    anyway .. he wants for himself two cross draw holsters with thumb break for a J frame and colt detective. Man oh man .. it was work. I dont think I have ever held a J frame and when I got the mold I was like .. thats it. Tiny itsy bitsy thing.

    Trying to get a good cross draw cant and thumb break on something that small took me about 3 days of messing with patterns. The trick was getting that all in and still giving him a nice hunk o gun to get hold of while drawing.

    Anyway here is number 1 and he loves it .. I wanted to get a report from him before I posted and certainly before I made the second one.

    Now I kind of want a j frame! That little sucker just disappears. It is a double layer and has a thick welt to keep it stiff and aid in a clean draw and the cant is pretty steep which is what I think he was looking for.
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    Well, well, well.......

    Now that you have a blue gun, we'll need to chat.......
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