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Thread: 'Arrogant' son pushes BMW given to him into river because he wanted a Jaguar

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    Oh man I wish some of you guys would post pix of these cars. Sounds like you are a few years older than I am and want to see what the cool stuff to have was. I did manage a used nova super sport for a bit until I blew it up but it was kind of period cool. Good buddy had a freshly painted, pinstriped challenger.

    I'm not a big car guy but if you find pix online... post them!

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    Dad should have pushed the kid in the drink and pulled the car out. What an ungrateful POS.

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    My first was a 200 dollar 61 Ford that I called the sh!tbox.
    Couldn't kill it.
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    My first car, was 57 Ford rust bucket.

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    My 1st was a 1968 for f100 with a 390 in it. It was Dads truck and we had it in Japan also. I bought it off him for a think a few hundred so I could drive to work and back.
    about a year later a friend was selling a 1970 gtx with a 426 hemi in it for 1500 but he would trade my truck for it Dad said NO , another friend had a 69 z28 dad said NO. Dad said No cars only trucks. so me being a pissed off stupid and dumb kid went and traded it out of spite Straight Across for a 1969 for bronco that was rolled over 3-4 times(had no roll bar). took me 2 years to fix it up perfect. but was driving it in 1 month (somewhere I have a picture taken of it)


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    I guess I did things backwards back then. When I was 16 I had no car, but I bought a 354 cu Hemi engine. Completely rebuilt it (Bearing's, rings, Cam shaft, etc). Painted the block fire engine RED, chromed everything else. I had 6 2 barrel Stromberg down draft carbs. It was a pretty engine and I showed it quite often at local car shows. When I turned 17 I bought a 1950 Mercury 2 door fast back coupe. It had a flat head V8 + 3 speed. I ripped the motor out and swapped in the HEMI. It was fast, but also only got 2 miles to the gallon of gas. Even though, gas was only $.16 a gal at the time, I had a part time job after school at the corner drug store, But it didn't pay enough money to run that car. I swapped the flat head back in, drove it awhile and when I turned 18, I sold it for $25, turned around and bought a 1953 Studebaker Commander for $150. That was a really cool car compared to all of the boats that were out there.

    But as Flash stated earlier, Nobody bought me a car either. Oh and Woodenword, there were never any 1963 GTO's. They came out in 1963, but were all titled 1964.
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