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Thread: speaking of .38 .. WTH is up with pricing

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    speaking of .38 .. WTH is up with pricing

    Thankfully this is one of the easiest loads t roll your own but I get ammo porn delivered from my Favorite online ammo source and you can get a case of 9mm for around $170 but a case of prvi 38 nothing special is around $260. I never even heard of Prvi!

    Special powder .. Nope, special brass .. nope .. uses a bunch more powder Nah ... I just don't understand the $100 price disparity. Glad I make my own and that collecting brass from revolvers is as simple as emptying the cylinder into my range bag.

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    Supply and Demand. There are billions of rounds of 9MM sold annually, and not so many .38 specials. It's one of those rounds I'm glad I reload although I seldom shoot it any more.

    prvi partizan is a Serbian ammo manufacturer and they make some fairly decent stuff from what I've heard. Never used it, though, as I reload everything except .22s

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    Privi's not bad.
    I've used it here and there in various calibers.
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    i reload it, just finished a few k rounds

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    I'm only now looking at this thread.... months after the question was asked...

    I've thought about this, there are 3 factors affecting the production cost of ammo (and nearly everything else)
    material cost
    workmanship cost
    economies of scale

    each of these doubles the cost of ammo.

    Match grade .223 costs 2 or 3 times as much as 55gr ball. workmanship and bullet material cost.

    9mm and .45 are both huge volume, .45 costs twice as much cuz it uses twice as much material

    9mm and .380 are the same diameter and almost the same material, yet .380 costs almost twice as much as 9mm. economies of scale, the factories set up one machine for one week a quarter to run .380, while they have 10 machines running 9mm 24/7 year round. its simply cheaper to manufacture in high volume.

    .38 spec vs 9mm is that situation, only slightly more material in the .38 spec but twice the price cuz the volumes are smaller.

    try buying .25-20!


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