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Thread: 86,000 Garand's to CMP

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    On the Carbine, make sure the piston is free, other than that, try a different mag, stick with the 15 round mags. If you are still looking for a H&R, I just listed one.

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    Poole and the rest of the team will be heading for Perry at the end of July. I won't be making the trip due to work commitments. Will see if I can get a North Store report.

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    I just got my Field Grade M1 Garand from the CMP. I really did not know what to expect honestly but the CMP website says orders are processed in about 45 days. I got mine in about 8 days right to my front door via FedEx. The Receiver is a October 1943 receiver and the Barrel is 1953. The Armorers inspection tag give it a TE of 3 and ME of 3. The finish is fair, no rust or pitting and came in what appears to be a new stock. Matching wood and smells of new walnut. It was a very good and easy transaction and for the price, cant be beat. I have yet to shoot her as i hear that shooting off the shelf ammo is over powered and will bend the op rod so am on the look out for MilSurp 30-06 or some loading recipes.

    Anyhow, I have owned some garands over the years, one from CAI which was garbage, and then some MixMasters off gunbroker that I had to piece together, but this is my first legitimate GI garand. All is Springfield Armory except the Bolt which is IHC.

    I dont see M1 Garands much anymore at gunshows or classifieds, and when I do, they are seriously overpriced. I got this one more for nostalgia and tribute to my Grandfather who is a WWII and Korea veteran and fills the need in my US Military rifle collection. M1 through M16 (to include the carbines) .. except my M1 Carbine is a commercial receiver made by Auto Ordnance but all else is USGI, passed down to me from my Grandpa who bought it for $70 from Montgomery ward in Indiana.

    Heres a Pic of my new CMP M1 Garand. And the CMP case is quite nice too.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Congrats, I've been purchasing from cmp for years, and have thoroughly enjoyed the transactions, and have received some very good renditions of units gone past, i did partake in the carbines sales years ago, replenishing my blank spot on the wall, sure do like the garand and the carbine, fella can't have enough of them

    enjoy, shoot till you run out, i find the 06 to be a pleasant round

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