View Full Version : Prices were up, now seem to be dropping a tad, except parts

05-09-2021, 06:40 AM
crazy times, built units went sky high, didn't matter if the so called built units by the ""tactical guys'" or the entry level units, i noticed some are dropping somewhat, must be due to no "BOOLITS'' available, shucks, bummer for sure,
parts are still up there, and some in shortage, have to pay the piper to get what you want for sure, and one can put the search on for ''deals'', but who knows what a deal is these days.

whey is it, when you can't afford or didn't want one, when things get scarce you ''want, or gotta have one'',

05-09-2021, 02:45 PM
Like you RJ, I stocked up on parts well before this mess hit the fan. I'm still always looking for deals, and in fact, have 2 more Polymer80 G17 frames to be delivered Monday, and I got them at the same low price as the last time I ordered them. They tried yesterday, but a new guy really didn't care to put them in the parcel box. And, you know I'm always sending leads when I see a smokin' deal happenin' .