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  1. need a new gat
  2. A place for the ladies to shoot
  3. Blast in the past
  4. Gun related humor
  5. Girls N Guns
  6. This Lady Knows What To Do With A Weapon.
  7. Video review of Canik TP9SFX
  8. Can you spot the problem?
  9. 1911s in CMP program
  10. The Mall Ninja
  11. Youtube guy I actually like
  13. Ruger PC carbine 9mm
  14. and another bobble head shoots up a school
  15. Vetting for carry rotation
  16. nervous carrier
  17. Muzzle flash works both ways
  18. Help me spend my money
  19. Shooting footage from Marseille shooting yesterday
  20. Best outlet for used guns in Mesa
  21. Centerfire has a seal on ak mags.
  22. Oklahoma shooting: 2 shot in a restaurant shooter killed outside by bystander
  23. Not something you hear about everyday.
  24. PIck a charging handle
  25. walking in the desert caliber
  26. Ruger Precision Rim fire 22 vs Modify 10/22
  27. Marlin 1895G Sling swivels
  28. Bullet trap
  29. Whats the most stupid thing you've heard a gunny say
  30. AK Accessories Locally
  31. what not to do while CCW
  32. What to do when you dont like your pee pee
  33. MIdwayUSA is now selling guns online - at least this is news to me
  34. Flying
  35. made me chuckle
  36. We are being Californicated
  37. Theft ?
  38. going to the beach. oh snap what do I do with this
  39. Collecting
  40. Who's got a bix n Andy?
  41. Anyone going shooting on sunday?
  42. Play stupid games like using toy gun to rob a store and win first class trip to hell.
  43. Hearing protection - your preferences
  44. The new Full-Semi-Auto single shot M4
  45. Jerry Lewis massive gun arsenal auction
  46. More than 500 guns seized from Southern California homes
  47. Damnit ruger!!
  48. Lone wolf conversion barrels
  49. What's up with RCBS?
  50. buying that special unit
  51. 2" bore 9,300 grain Projo, desert fun.
  52. Loving RCBS
  53. Glad I didn't move there 16 yrs. Ago.
  54. Female Variant of the Galil.....oh those Izzy's !
  55. Glockmonger Tribute
  56. The master list of parts
  57. SELL DEM 40 CALS
  58. Trying to research some AR pistols......help me out.
  59. how are you cleaning you 22's
  60. Don't phuck with Momma Bear w/Cubs no matter the environment!
  61. Look what a Gun Buy Back scored in cali.
  62. A Landmark Legal Shift Opens Pandora’s Box for DIY Guns
  63. need a micro red dot referral
  64. I was just browsing on the interests and saw this...
  65. Police try to take Vets guns w/o due process. Wasn't even him they were there for.
  66. Assault Revolver With High-Capacity Magazines
  67. I dont get it .. what is a bullet button?
  68. Anyone buy from Academy sports before?
  69. Fire restrictions map.
  70. What's The Best Deal(s) You Ever Got On A Gun?
  71. J&G and Davidsons
  72. $30 Anderson aluminum lowers
  73. AR Deal of the day
  74. Dead Cantaloupe & 2 Liters
  75. Why the Army picked Sig over Glock. Final report.
  76. Shooter REviewers
  77. chronograph
  78. More proof ATF regulations are made by shoeless monkeys on crack.
  79. Sounds like Trump is going after 3D printed and polymer home made guns
  80. 3D printed Guns
  81. fading eyesight
  82. Shooting at back to school event location i.e. park. Fight went bad.
  83. what in the hell is going on in Chicago?!
  84. Gotta get one?
  85. Houston granny shoots perv.
  86. DEL-TON AR BUILDER KITS Uppers 179.00. PISTOL 299. RIFLE 350.
  87. Boriqualeather.com
  88. For the AK folks weekend fun and a review
  89. Do you have to include short n curly's in your for sale pics?
  90. Downsizing of guns/gun gear advice
  91. West Texas marksman reportedly breaks distance record with 3-mile shot
  92. No More AK74 Imports (End of an Era Retrospective 2018)
  93. Waaay to close to home. Huh Rj.
  94. Another libtarded prosecutor. "You can't just shoot an intruder in your home"
  95. Maybe guns aren't inanimate objects after all.
  96. Geez, they're practically giving them away!
  97. Do you go shooting by yourself in the desert???
  98. Shooting at video game tournament. 4 dead 11 wounded.
  99. New York State Can’t Be Allowed to Stifle the NRA’s Political Speech
  100. Sheriff gets it! Wants badguys to get it too. Good people carry and will kill you!
  101. Private Gun Sales
  102. Private Gun Sales
  103. Denver and concealed carry
  105. Man with a gun, close to home.
  106. Medical Marijuana and guns.
  107. Kavanaugh Hearing (2nd Amendment)
  108. Another One To Boycott: Levi Strauss
  109. got out this morning with a few of the resident asshats here
  110. ULTRA Sonic, cleaners
  111. Great day to shoot in the desert
  112. Guntardedness.
  113. Round in the chanber or not?
  114. If money and practicality aren't an issue what gun(s), gun platform would you create?
  115. Rock Island Arsenal
  116. new shooter
  117. Happy 9MM Day
  118. Ruger american Compact
  119. Awesome Armslist Ad
  120. Me thinks he poped off way toooo much!
  121. Resident shoots police serving warrant at wrong house and...
  122. Tried a new Cleaner
  123. Rite aid shooting .. things are getting way confusing
  124. Good Old Commie Oil Bottles
  125. Smith and Wesson 2.0 or Glock 19x?
  126. Mini 14 .223
  127. Get 'em while they're hot and $30, Anderson lowers, no trigger guard.
  128. Range report
  129. I think this RO was TO soft handed! WHEW!
  130. Gunbroker
  131. Will MIKEY keep it or trade it or sell it or>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  132. New rifle interests the Army. It's called the L5 "Ribbon Gun"
  133. Dont touch that button! Doh!
  134. Matrix
  135. You bought the wrong gun!!!
  136. You bought the wrong gun!!! II
  138. I need dims for a cz mag?
  139. New Range
  140. Great Little Pocket Gun.
  141. Good guy dispatches bad guy
  142. opps road rage fail
  143. Dick’s Facing $5.4 Million Lawsuit following Ammo Deal
  144. Anyone Seen This Yet?
  145. I'll gladly consider registering my AR with pic prints and tax stamp as soon as...
  146. ATF Opinions
  147. Guy shoots himself with a Glock
  148. surprise surprise ...not!
  149. Another mass shooting
  150. ARMSPAY - Online Payment System For Gun Guys
  151. 80% glock frames
  152. So what's gonna be your next purchase in mind?
  153. A shout out for Wolff Springs
  154. How low will they go this year?
  155. training then and now
  156. Are higher prices meant for borderline gun owners?
  157. Democrap threatens to Nuke gun owners
  158. Any thought about getting out of firearms?
  159. 1433 yards
  160. Is it just Ruger Revolvers?
  161. opps!!!!
  162. I wonder how the new handgun will affect training?
  163. Just a tease!
  164. The two top regrets
  165. so it can be done!
  166. Well Its been confirmed
  167. Could this be the year 2 more states throw off the chains that bind them?
  168. Had To Hurt
  169. Are your dog's your kids?
  170. AZ #1 for 5 straight yrs.
  171. Landlord tells Tennant to move because of firearm ownership.
  172. female assasin cleans up quick .. 5 down
  173. what NOT to do at an iondoor range.
  174. dayum! I am not sure how this happens?! NSFW
  175. Shooter's Vault on 32nd and Greenway closed.
  176. Who says working at little Caesars pizza isn't dangerous?
  177. Ben Avery question
  178. Then came the Redneck supressor
  179. I've said this often and get accused of bashing often also
  180. 9MM deal $147 per 1,000 shipped
  181. Just like that the "it's the guns fault" argument is untenable & indefensible.
  182. ATF: Discontinuance of Accessory Classifications
  183. sell some I dont love to buy one that I love?
  184. How to destroy your bump-stock
  185. any current manufacturers of 8ga shotguns?
  186. Has this happened to anyone else shooting?
  187. The good bad and ugly of concealed carry.
  188. The best westerns, American and Marinara infused? Best gun play in western.
  189. Parkland shooting, now here something to dwell on
  190. Red Flag, Comming to Arizona
  191. New Jersey Large Cap Mag ban a failure? Public tells gov phuk off?
  192. Tacticool oldschool. ARs weren't the first weapon people hung shit on.
  193. FFL's that ship
  194. DIY ammo can magnets
  195. Rookie Cop Identified Who Killed Dad as He Fixed His Daughter’s Truck While Open Carr
  196. Why? A tac 14 for $1200. It's like building a mansion in a homeless camp.
  197. Grandfather says shooting of G-son unfair cause his victim had an AR.
  198. campground killer.. real or imagined
  199. Repeal the NFA
  200. Tht could have gone much worse!
  201. He picked bus stop number 2. Winner! Tell him what he's won Bob!
  202. There comes a time to retire.. I'm done
  203. next on the list, hmmmm
  204. Democrats I'm Telling You No
  205. The Anti-Gun Association on Aging
  206. Well I'll Be Damned........
  207. and yet another one bites the dust
  208. anyone here follow the auctions?
  209. Another bad guy has a gun - stolen Sig P365
  210. Someone, X4, picked the wrong house. Or Guns dont make the man.
  211. Video shows Tempe officer shooting 14-year-old as he runs away with an airsoft 1911
  212. warranty work and shipping
  213. I am the only one proffesional enough ...to ... oooffff
  214. Glock stuff from shot.
  215. Awww So cute.. a dad teaching his children about guns!
  216. Situational Awareness, it's good for everyone! This crook missed the memo.
  217. Its shooting day
  218. Complete AR 399.00
  219. down to the wire .. lever action?
  220. Pretty cool if its real
  221. FEEDBACK---- UndeadViking aka VanillaGuerrilla ----- A++++
  222. Because Surefires 60 round mag was so popular....not, the masses must thirst for more
  223. Origin of the infamous "Boating Accident" was on the original AZ Shooting site?
  224. well I guess they still cant shoot
  225. More Hogwash. AR owners hunt humans cause its range is 1500 meters.
  226. grumble grumble Valentines day
  227. RIA 10 mm
  228. Ban laser sights!
  229. Ok gun historians .. got a question
  230. Shopping for an M&P?
  231. Guns Lawyers and Laser sights..
  232. Oh that red dot again
  233. The new un control effort by the left
  235. Da Bronx
  236. AND .. this is why we cant have nice things
  237. I am not sure how to react
  238. Just take away the guns and crime will go away
  239. anyone like double barrels?
  240. Hi-Point 35 rounds not one hit the target
  241. State Supreme Court says Sandy Hook families can sue Remington
  242. How does one downsize their stuff
  243. Hey whats that bulge in your pants!! OPPS!
  244. And just like that .. One week and done
  245. Smith & Wesson Closing Massachusetts Warehouse, Moving To Missouri;
  246. Machine gun
  247. Spray Paint for Steel Shooters
  248. Why I took the loss and traded my last gun
  249. Cali hi cap ban shot down!
  250. Shockwave