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  1. Did ronnie say it right or not
  2. California Bill Wants To Drop Washington/Lincoln’s Birthday And Replace It With Commu
  3. FOOLS!
  4. Gun friendly quickbooks type of platform
  5. opps! what happens when you dont do ALL your homework
  6. The Time To Kneel
  7. Will money laundering finally bring a Clinton Perl walk?
  8. Soooo Comey used private Email too....
  9. Civility and decency have left the building.. is violence next?
  10. as expected .. they are starting to eat their own
  11. does the NYPD no longer have snipers??
  12. The real Nazi's?
  13. HRC SAID WHAT? You've got to be phucking kidding me.
  14. The Obama FBI &DOJ misled the FISA court and lied about lying. Imagine that.
  15. yup .. I knew this was coming
  16. Boy Cott OAN
  17. Funniest thing I've heard in a long time.
  18. Mother of all wars??!!
  19. Hmmm should I take bets
  20. Jim Carrey
  21. Shit! Dont scare me like that. Headline nearly induced apoplectic attack.
  22. Hope none of you guys did dumb shit in HS
  23. The Stupidity Knows No Bounds
  24. It's not the accusers responsibility to corroborate her story.
  25. Rape plot blows up in their face.
  26. Flake and Obama. Separated at birth? Or just same shit from 2 sick cows.
  27. I think Holder just started the Civil War
  28. Jeff flake on the view. Some one get a rail.
  29. IED Scare
  30. Creepy Porn Lawyer Avonetti might have a perp walk in his future.
  31. Sometimes it seems the gods are against us
  32. Conservatives to rally at Sacramento capital today
  33. Kavanaugh hearing reports.
  34. Poor little Socialist Democrat. Actually a skilled operative already.
  35. The crap going on in Fl should incite revolution!
  36. Great Idea!
  37. Can one of you smart guys explain this to me
  38. Town of Republic, Washington considering sanctuary city for 2nd Ammendment rights
  39. Illegal criminal invaders from south of boarder like Jews fleeing the Holocaust.
  40. IF you didnt think Rome was falling .... NSFW!!
  41. Maybe the Bush's are better than the McCains's ?
  42. Snicker-snort!
  43. Got This E-Mail
  44. Cohen and trump and Neked women = Rusian Colllusion??
  45. And just like that libtard chicken littles proved wrong again.
  46. Why is the Gobment involved with the facebook non dilema?
  47. Fraking libtards never learn from mistakes. Continue to overplay hand.
  48. Just beat him to death
  49. Take 12 minutes or so, and listen, amazing a brit gets it.
  50. The wall .. the shutdown??
  51. and so it begins
  52. The 2nd Amendment is Obsolete
  53. Crisis at the border
  54. Thanks Jim! We agree walls work.
  55. Little fluff on Illegal democrats
  56. See your no S of Union and raise you no USAF free junket flights.
  57. The art of the deal.
  58. another .. I missed the point question
  59. Future of democratic party. Lead singer Beto O'Rourke
  60. The 2nd doesnt protect Assault weapons that kill babies and cops.
  61. Tax the rich at 90%? Ok but first let's let pols put their money where their ass is.
  62. Another one bites the dust. Ouch CNN, that's gonna leave a mark!
  63. Kamala praises new Democratic Virginia Gov for stands against racism. DOH!
  64. The latest hit by Gov Northam titled "Moves Like Jackson".
  65. Bumbling Buffoon of Manhattans new persona. Art of the deal as played by Babe Ruth.
  67. Great Way To Treat Vets.
  68. Meh .. What harm could it cause ?
  69. The hypocrisy thread. For those who talk out their ass more than they sheit.
  70. The free shit parade begins.
  71. Irony
  72. happy endings
  73. The bumbling buffoon of Manhattan strikes again. A 9th circut judge confirmed.
  74. I fully agree, Kamala Harris should pay reparations to decendents of slaves.
  75. Yu have to be a special type of idiot
  76. Lindsey Graham: Democrats, GOP Can ‘Come Together’ for Gun Confiscation Law
  77. AOC
  78. Be afraid, be very Afraid
  79. Like a supersize bowl of rice crispies covered in libtard tears.
  80. That loud farting sound...
  81. Mike Lee In Senate Talking About Green New Deal
  82. AOC, the future of the dims, just admitted why Obama care sucks and is untenable.
  83. DNC Goes After Biden Big Time
  84. Not gun related but amusing
  85. Jerry Nadler against releasing special prosecutor report.
  86. Swalwell, Sexist much?
  87. The Day Collusion Died
  88. YES!
  89. HRC is so running for president. And who makes a perp walk this year.
  90. Fairness Logic
  91. Kamala Harris will ban the importation of AR 15 style assault rifles.
  92. You know I wish we had a Coliseum For the blood sport breaking out. Eating their own.
  93. I need to repent? Saw Nadler looking like the end was nigh and I felt a rush of hope.
  94. Pandering War women feminazi BS from the future of the dem party.
  95. Assessment of Mueller Findings
  96. come on in .. the waters fine
  97. Omar clears up AOC's concentration camp brouhaha.
  98. No more God in swearing in per the dimowits
  99. Old One
  100. Iilegal
  101. Interesting discussion on conservatism
  102. "broken" immigration system?
  103. I used to be a normal man!
  104. So slick willy rapist had no clue about Epstein child porn flights?
  105. : Famous Presidential Lies Contest
  106. Justice Democrats ?
  107. Democrat Campaign Ad
  108. I guess it's not Muller time anywhere! Hasn't been for a while now.
  109. Illegal Immigrant Bought Baby for $80 in Guatemala to Get Priority Release in US
  110. Rio Grande Valley passes 300K apprehensions, sets annual border record
  111. We Don't Need Guns?
  112. THE NEW ANT and the Grasshopper, Two Versions:
  113. Trump Backs 'Red Flag' Laws That Could Impact Veteran Gun Ownership
  114. Smells like demococksuckers behind stzrok lawsuit.
  116. New biden campaign image
  117. Liberals gleefully celebrate David Koch death.
  118. Americans Have Shifted Dramatically on What Values Matter Most
  119. sigh can this chick be more misinformed
  120. Latest AOC live streams making boxed mac/cheese and isnt branded a green traitor.WTF?
  121. and yet another papered individual saying stupid sh*t
  122. 69% of Respondents dont like trump!?
  123. Health insurance costs .. Mystery solved!
  124. And so it begins, Pelosi starts inpeachment process
  125. NOOooooo their not crazy
  126. YOU created us!
  127. This interview made me so mad...
  128. Elijah Cummings is dead.
  129. Lynching
  131. Hey Francis O'Rourke
  132. More non-Mexican migrants are being arrested at the border in San Diego than ever
  133. Holy crap, the fed got it right, 1 in a row!
  134. One More Mud Sucker!
  135. What makes Potus's old !
  136. It Snowed Last Night
  137. "Teacher" says people should shoot Trump supporters
  138. Virginia has gone off the deepend...
  139. Christmas Poem.
  140. Any retaliation news?
  141. Illinois Sanctuary County Frees 1K Criminal Illegal Aliens into U.S. in 2019
  142. NYPD union leader sides with ICE against de Blasio over ‘sanctuary’-tied murder:
  143. A Man named Harold
  144. Sanctuary City Pays Illegal Alien Arrested for DUI Cash Settlement Over Immigration H
  145. Dem text messages, this time from Minnie Mike's folks.
  146. 11Yr old Idaho girl carries an AR to a gun legislation hearing.
  147. Bib Man!
  148. The Peoples WALL
  149. H.R.5717 - Alert
  151. Little Reading
  152. think i'll create an issue
  153. Much ado going on in Georgia on the fourth hmmmm